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 2017 -2018 BOARD

Mary Ann Masters - President
Vanessa Abernathy - Vice President
Lynn Andersen - Secretary
Marion Thompson - Treasurer
Nila Chamberlain - Visual Arts Chair
Mark Andersen - Performing Arts Chair
Myrna Ivey - Culinary Arts Chair
Richard Monroe - Fundraising Chair

Annette Burke - At Large

James Bass - At Large

Angelica Locklear - At Large
Danielle McLean - At Large

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Lumberton Visitors Bureau

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Artist Image: Nila Chamberlain - Collection of Bobby Britt and Billy Chisolm

RCAC is supported by grants from the Lumberton Visitor's Bureau.

RCAC is supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources..


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The Robeson County Arts Council seeks to ensure a vibrant and diverse community that values cultural preservation, individual creativity and economic development that contributes to the well-being of the community through lifelong learning and enrichment through the arts.

Whether you are an artist or a patron of the arts, contact us to learn ways that you can become a member of the Robeson County Arts Council.

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